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How-to guides, demos, webinars, and more

How-To Guides

Step-by-step guides exploring the basic features and functionality of Quire.

Learning Command Line (MacOS)

Learning GitHub


Learn how Quire works and why certain decisions were made when developing the tool.

Why Open Source Quire?

What is Static Site Generation?

Webinars & Demos

Watch videos guiding you through the steps of using Quire.

Digital Publications Manager, Greg Albers, gives a 90-minute webinar walking users through the basic functions of Quire.
A six-minute introduction to working in a static site generator like the one that powers Quire.


Watch videos of recent Quire presentations from Getty staff and the community.

“Quire: Multiformat Publishing Solutions for Art Books and Beyond,” featuring Jayna Swartzman-Brosky (Mills College Art Museum), Nancy Um (Binghamton University), and Amanda Helton (San José Museum of Art).
Digital Publications Manager, Greg Albers, Community Manager, Erin Dunigan, Software Engineer, Hannah Balenda, and Speaker, Matthew Hrudka give a 20-minute presentation introducing the integration of Quire and IIIF at the 2021 IIIF Annual Conference.

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